About Chathuranga Gamage

chathuranga gamage

A person whose destined to be a photographer is a person who has a true passion to share with the world what he sees with his eyes.

Today, Chathuranga Gamage has become a living breathing example to support this claim.

What Chathuranga believes, is that the secret to all success is his personal policy of unmatched dedication and incomparable sacrifices every time he takes the camera to his hand to achieve the perfect picture.

Chathuranga Gamage's sacrifice and dedication is not reflected through the pictures that he takes, but through the constant battle between the camera and the photographer just to find that perfect angle to make that perfect shot. And that perfection is what you enjoy as Chathuranga Gamage photography.

Chathuranga Gamage quickly rose to fame by making a name for himself via fashion Photography which was infamous till recent times in Sri Lanka. But what you might not know is that Chathuranga has more than 4 years of expereience as a photographer in the fields of food photography, an art widely praised internationally but rarely appreciated in Sri Lanka.

Currently Chathuranga is the dedicated official photographer of Sri Lanka’s only culinary magazine.

I'm a self made photographer chasing perfection in this weird world!

If you want to know what it takes to take the perfect picture, Here are some of my best pointers
The Camera

Camera as an extension of the photographers arm

The Angle

The element that turns a distraction to an attraction

The Subject

should, can and will be anything that you choose it to be

The Effects

Either not to make a difference or to rewrite the whole story

Milinda Premaratne

(Concept Developer/Food Stylish)

Knowing your expectation and understanding just how to get it, is the first rule of creating a perfect picture. And that understanding becomes the reason of success in fields of fashion, model, portrait photography etc… where the environments are controlled to cater themes of any nature.

And when it comes to creating these themes, the theme itself becomes one of the toughest challenges. Every perfect set of pictures are only to be perfectly photographed only by perfecting techniques of choreography. And for Chathuranga Gamage photography, Milinda Premarathne is responsible for perfection plus. All the masterpieces you enjoy in fashion and glamour are concepts driven by Milinda’s innovative imagination.

A stronghold in the journey of Chathuranga’s food photography carrier, Milinda is a highly experienced and renounced chef by profession. He is well known for his involvement as the chief editor of Sri Lanka’s only culinary magazine and has years of professional experience in food styles, an extremely important element in food photography.

Milinda was also responsible in conceptualizing and preparing most of the models in food photography composed by Chathuranga. .

chathuranga gamage photography